Sunday Afternoon Lecture Series featuring: Emily Haddah, Owen Taylor and Tuesday Smillie 6/21 4-6pm

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Grab a notebook and come on over!
The event is at the same location as last time:

Coordinates 40º 44′ 13.5″ N, 74º 0′ 20.81 W (same as last time)

Emily Milay Haddad
Queer Strategies of Resistance in Mainstream Movies

What the hell is going on with mainstream action/scifi/thriller movies these days? I’m talking about the popcorn-selling, supposedly mindless, so-called “tent pole” flicks that Hollywood studios bank on for their bread and butter. In the last few years, I’ve been fascinated by a trend towards the bizarre: Indiana Jones is now fighting commie-loving space aliens — and on a quest to *return* artifacts? Die Hard’s Bruce Willis is fighting smart-ass “anarchist” hackers who make all of DC grind to halt — but only because they want to steal some money? Spock is now the survivor of genocide — and the world is only safe again after the Enterprise ejects its core (values?)? Spiderman is a vicious multiple personality-laden abuser, The Watchmen are a moral wasteland, and Lex Luthor just wants more land?

I mean, really, what the hell is going on here? Join me and Where’er You Walk for a bit-torrented, YouTube-clip laden talk about what I think is motivating this turn in mainstream action flicks towards the ultra-violent and the bizarre, and what queers and other folks on the margins have at stake as the mainstream hiccoughs towards catastrophe. We’ll talk about red flags to notice when competing dominant ideologies are in play on screen, and how queerness/Otherness is the only thing coming to the rescue as the way out of this mess. (And hopefully to a better cinema.)

Emily Milay Haddad is a Brooklyn-based filmmaker/writer/activist/

lover, who works by day on the sets of these mega movies, and works by night to put a little piece of liberation on a screen of her own making. She’s ready to geek out about movies any time.

Owen Taylor
when i learn, i feel: the adult learning cycle and social change

whether farmers are teaching farmers how to care for chickens, a professor is teaching their students about institutional racism, or you are learning to jeuge your sleeves all gay, the learner is having a gut reaction, feelings. this lecture/dialogue will explore how, as facilitators, we can value these reactions, give voice to our learners, and help create real, lasting, useful knowledge as well as real social change.

Tuesday Smillie
Monstrous Femininity

Monstrous femininity is a form of self-empowerment and cultural resistance, a means of refuting the racist heterosexist male gaze.

In the slide lecture I highlight the use of monstrous femininity in the work of the feminist artists Wangechi Mutu and Hannah Wilké as well as in the promotional photography of the genderqueer web-celebrity Jeffree Star. I explain the ways each of them creates a balance of attraction and repulsion and analyze how these strategies differ depending on their respective social locations.

Monstrous femininity is a means of taking control of ones own image, a means of combating racist heterosexist misogyny. The lecture presents this trans-feminist strategy through the lens of contemporary art and image making.


Pictures from “Siblings” opening

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Thanks to everyone who came out

and everyone who volunteered and helped us out.

Call for Submissions: Sunday Afternoon Lecture Series

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Call for Submissions: Sunday Afternoon Lecture Series

Call for Submissions: Sunday Afternoon Lecture Series

Where’er You Walk is looking for submission to our on going Sunday Afternoon Lecture Series.

The first Sunday Afternoon of Lectures will take place on 6/21 4-6pm.

Submission are due on 6/14 and should include your name, presentation topic, a brief description and your preferred presentation format.

All submitted lectures will eventually be curated, but they may not all fit into our first Sunday Afternoon.

Send submissions to:

Call for Submissions: 5 Minute Film Festival

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Call for Submissions: 5 Minute Film Festival

Call for Submissions: 5 Minute Film Festival

Where’er You Walk is looking for submission to our 5 Minute Film Festival.

The Festival will take place on 7/17 8pm.

Submission are due on 7/1. They must be dvd format and must be under 5 minuets.

Please email for information about submitting work.

“Siblings” May 29th 6-10

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Where’er You Walk is excited to present the art work of Lacy Davis, Clio Sady, Sarah Gottesdiener and Spirit Palace Studios in our grand opening show “Siblings.”

Coordinates 40º 44′ 13.5″ N, 74º 0′ 20.81 W

email for exact location: